Asure Macys Motor Inn and Conference Centre


The conference rooms both have screen's for showing and viewing of digital or slide presentations. Digital projectors can be hired on clients behalf if required from a nearby local company. Both facilities have white board's, erasable pens and erasers and flipcharts.
There is one overhead projector that allows for the viewing of transparencies that could easily be used in either facility. The Pool Terrace conference Room (downstairs) has a 32 " LCD HI-res Sony TV that is wall mounted and a DVD player is available should it be required for displaying media. The SkyView Conference Room has a 29 "flat screen CRT TV with both VHS and a DVD player for viewing media. There are eleven black trestle tables available that can comfortably seat 3 persons each allowing for a total of 33 people to be seated in a lecture room or workshop setting facilitating a note taking or lecture/presentation type setting for the environment.